What is low-risk thyroid cancer?

  • Thyroid cancer develops in 5% of all thyroid nodules. Biopsy cannot always tell if a nodule is cancerous, but people can have molecular or gene testing to better determine the risk of cancer in their thyroid nodule.
  • In recent decades, the number of people diagnosed with thyroid cancer has increased throughout the world.
  • The most common type of thyroid cancer is papillary thyroid cancer (PTC). Most patients diagnosed with this disease, particularly if diagnosed at an early stage, do not die of thyroid cancer.
  • “Low-risk” means that your chance of having thyroid cancer recur or come back after treatment is low.
  • People with this condition may have no symptoms at all or experience any of the following:
    • Changes in voice
    • Feeling a lump in the neck
    • Trouble swallowing